Create your own file encrypter in python

file encryption in python

In the 21st Century, data security is the main concern for everyone for keeping their files safe so that no one can see even if there is a data leak from your computer. In this post I will explain how you can create your own file encrypter in python with in 5 minutes. Are you using a third party or free software for securing your data on your computer? If yes then you will be shocked to know that most of the software only restricts the permissions on the folders.…

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How to create and activate python virtual environment in windows

python virtual environment

It is very important for a beginner programmer to learn to create a virtual environment in python and activate it in this tutorial with step by step guide with pictures. Python is an interpreted language and there are lots of libraries and modules are available for python. They have different versions. In real-world projects we often use these modules within our programs. When we have multiple projects using the same module but with different versions, then we really need to manage it via a virtual environment.Because we can only install…

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How to install Python in Windows OS


Python is a high level, structured and object-oriented, interpreted programming language used for creating mainly desktop and web applications. The code in python is managed by modules and packages. Programming with Python is very easy. Let’s start to learn how to install Python in windows os. Install Python in windows OS with the executable installer First Step – Just download executable installer from of your desired version. Second Step – Open or execute the installer. Then Step 3 – If you just want to use python for the current…

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