How to install SSL in IIS using pfx certificate

convert ssl certificate

IIS is a web server runs on Microsoft Windows or windows server. In this post I will explain hot to install SSL in IIS using the “pfx” certificate on the windows server. To obtain free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt follow – Generate Free SSL Certificate. If you have certificate in .crt format then convert it to pfx by following – Convert .crt certificate to pfx for IIS to use it with IIS using SSLShopper. Install SSL in IIS using pfx certificate First of all we need to add the…

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Convert .crt certificate to use with IIS

convert .crt certificates to pfx for iis

In this post, I have explained how to Convert .crt certificate to use with IIS. Just browse the existing .cer certificates, in one click you will get .pfx certificate to use with IIS, with the help of SSL shopper. To install the SSL certificate of “Let’s encrypt” in IIS, first we need to convert multiple .crt files into a single certificate.pfx file. This post will explain the easiest way to convert .crt certificate to use with IIS using a third-party tool. PFX is an archive file that contains several cryptographic…

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Generate a free SSL Certificate from let’s encrypt

free ssl certificate

Certificate authorities ( CA ) provide SSL certificates for domains to communicate securely from browser to server so no Man in Middle attacks can happen. These certificates are signed by CAs and browsers trust upon them. In this post we will learn about how to generate a free SSL certificate from let’s encrypt. While we can generate our own certificate but the browsers will not trust them and will show insecure connection warnings to the users. In this tutorial I will explain how we can generate a free valid and…

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