Improve performance of django and flask on IIS

improve performance of flask

Introduction If you have followed my previous post for hosting a Django or flask app on IIS then this post is for some additional settings to improve the performance of our app in IIS. I recommend following that post to see how we can host a Django or flask application on IIS. To read more about Django go to official page of Django Project. Django runs under FastCGI in IIS. With the following processes. w3wp.exe – It is the IIS worker process for the application pool. python.exe – The main…

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Deploy Django Web App on IIS

deploy django on iis

Many people might find it not a good solution to deploy Django web applications on IIS but sometimes we really need to do when we have only a windows server. In this post I will guide you step by step that how can we host a Django web application on IIS server. This tutorial is tested on windows 10 and windows server 2016. Step 1 – First Install python for all users on windows. Follow this – Install python in windows. Step 2 – Then Create a virtual environment for…

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