How to install Python in Windows OS


Python is a high level, structured and object-oriented, interpreted programming language used for creating mainly desktop and web applications. The code in python is managed by modules and packages. Programming with Python is very easy. Let’s start to learn how to install Python in windows os.

Install Python in windows OS with the executable installer

First Step – Just download executable installer from of your desired version.

Second Step – Open or execute the installer.

Then Step 3 – If you just want to use python for the current user then click on Install Now. And if you want to use this python for deployments with IIS then click on customize the installation to install it for all users.

install python on windows

Next Step 4 – On the next screen it will ask you to select optional features. If you have selected “customize installation“. Then I recommend selecting all features and then click next.

If you have clicked install now then it will install python and you are done.

install python on windows

Then Step 5 – On the next screen setup will ask for Advance Options, Select install for all users and it will also automatically tick “Precompile standard library”.

install python on windows

Step 6 – Customize the install location as per your need. And then click Install.

Step 7 – Click finish.

Step 8 – Finally, Verify python installation by opening the command prompt and type python and hit enter. It will show the python version you have installed.

Note: If the command prompt can’t find python command then probably you have not selected the “Add python to environment variable” option while installation.

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For more details about the programming language please go to the official website of Python.

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