How to update original device drivers on windows os

windows device drivers

Device drivers are very essential software that keeps hardware functioning properly. In windows 10 we can update drivers from the original supplier of the hardware or from Microsoft. Unauthentic updates may lead to system crash and malware installation unknowingly.
There are two ways of updating drivers either by windows itself or by using third-party software. There are many third-party software available for doing that but in real life, verifying the authenticity of such software is not an easy task. So updating software from the windows itself is a very good idea. So Let’s start and learn how to update the original device drivers on windows os.
To update drivers from the original suppliers follow these steps.

Typically, a driver is a dynamic-link library or in short DLL with the file name extension of .sys. Windows copies these files to %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers folder which is generally C”\Windows\system32\drivers if the windows is installed in C: drive.

To Learn more about drivers on windows go to Microsoft website.

First – Open Device Manager by Right Clicking on This PC and then select properties.

Then – Open Device Manager by clicking on “Device Manager” on the left pane of the Properties window. Alternatively you can press Windows + X key then pressing M key.

After that – Right-click on the device for which you need to update drivers.

how to update original device drivers on windows os

Step 4 – Select the “Update Driver” Option from the context menu.

Step 5 – Now Click on the “Search Automatically for updated driver software” link.
It will search on the internet for the driver update.
If the update found then the driver will automatically be updated after downloading it.
Restart the PC if it asks to do it.

So I have explained how to update original device drivers on windows os

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