How to install IIS on windows 10

install iis

IIS is a web server runs on windows platform used for hosting websites that use the .NET framework. It is also capable of hosting CGI applications e.g. Django with FastCGI. Learn how to install IIS on Windows 10 here.

To install IIS on windows 10 you need to turn it on from Windows Features on Demand. Windows Features is a feature that allows administrators to add or remove features and roles of windows on demand. These feature packages are either in the system already or windows downloads it on demand whenever the administrator adds them to the windows.

First – Open Control Panel and then navigate to Programs. Write “control panel” in run menu to go there quickly.

Second – Select “Turn Windows features on or off“.
A window will open like this

how to install IIS on Windows 10

Then – Select “Internet Information Services” as shown in the screenshot.
If you want to run PHP and python web applications then don’t forget to tick the “CGI” checkbox.

Next – Now click OK.
A new window will open displaying “Applying Changes“.
It will take a minute or two to complete the installation.
Finally – Click Finish.
After that the windows have the IIS as a feature and you can ready to use it now.
You can access it by typing “inetmgr” in the run command.

For more information about IIS go to –

Next – How to deploy Django web applications on IIS.

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