Execute commands on remote computer running windows os

execute commands on remote computer

PS Tools are very powerful tools from SysInternals and very useful when we don’t have physical access to a server or computer. “Psexec” uses TCP port 445 with SMB ( Server Message Block ) protocol. The benefit of using this tool is that the port is by default open in windows so we don’t need to access that machine physically to open port in firewall. It’s very useful to execute commands on remote computer.

To download PS Tools follow this link :- PS Tools

After downloading extract the files, open the command prompt and navigate to the extracted folder where psexec.exe file present.

To open command prompt of remote computer use the following command


execute commands on remote computer

Where COMPUTERNAME is the name of the computer e.g. workstation1, USERNAME is the username for that computer and password is the password for that user.

Need to execute commands on remote computer after accessing cmd then write any command. The window opened by the above command is of the remote computer.
You may see output with some latency but it is usual.

After opening the command prompt you can executes commands whatever you need.

There are many more things to do with PS Tools, For more information follow this link – link1

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