Install URL Rewrite in IIS

Install URL Rewrite in IIS

URL Rewrite is an additional component in IIS which is not by default installed. Install URL Rewrite in IIS to rewrite URLs for websites hosted on IIS platform. URL Rewrite is responsible for rewriting URLs to make them user friendly as well as SEO friendly. URL Rewrite can manage many things like redirecting URLs e.g. http to https redirection, www to non-www redirection etc.

Download URL Rewrite

To download URL Rewrite go to the official website of the Microsoft and download the extension. Go to the this link – URL Rewrite. This download is provided by the Microsoft.

Then click on “Install this extension” as shown in picture.

Install URL Rewrite in IIS

After that the browser will download a file named “urlrewrite2.exe“. Wait for the browser to complete the download.

Install URL Rewrite in IIS

First execute the file downloaded from Microsoft. Double click on “urlrewrite2.exe“.

Then it will open a new window as shown in picture.

web platform installer for installing URL Rewrite in IIS

After that, wait for the “Web Platform Installer” to initialize. It will take a minute or two.

Next installer will open a new window asking for installing URL Rewrite as shown in picture.

URL Rewrite download terms

Click on Install button.

Then click on “Accept” button to accept the download which is approximately 6 MB. Please read the text on the screen before you Accept.

Accept download terms

Now it will start downloading and installing the URL Rewrite module.

the installer is installing

Then after some time, you will see that the products were successfully installed. The screen will look like this after successful installation of URL Rewrite.

installation completed

Click on finish.

Finally verify the installation by opening the IIS Manager, you will see an option for URL Rewrite as shown in picture.

verify URL Rewrite installation in IIS

Thanks for reading the tutorial to Install URL Rewrite in IIS.

Next, go to this tutorial to learn how to rewrite https and www URLs. – HTTPS Redirect and Handling WWW.

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