How to install SSL in IIS using pfx certificate

convert ssl certificate

IIS is a web server runs on Microsoft Windows or windows server. In this post I will explain hot to install SSL in IIS using the pfx” certificate on the windows server.

To obtain free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt follow – Generate Free SSL Certificate.

If you have certificate in .crt format then convert it to pfx by following – Convert .crt certificate to pfx for IIS to use it with IIS using SSLShopper.

Install SSL in IIS using pfx certificate

First of all we need to add the pfx certificate to the IIS before assigning it to any website.
To add it to IIS open IIS Manager with “inetmgr” command in the run menu.

Then select the server on the left pane. Please note that don’t select any website at this point only click on the server name. The picture is shown below.
Now double click on Server Certificates as shown in picture.

how to install ssl in iis using pfx

After that click on “Complete Certification Request” as shown in the following picture.

add certificate in iis

Next you will see “Complete certification Request” dialog as shown in the picture.

install ssl in iis using pfx - select certificate

At this point browse the pfx file using three dot button “…” in the field of “File name containing the certificate authority response”.

Then in the “Friendly name” write anything you want as per your convenience.

After selecting pfx file and writing name click on OK.

Add SSL to Website

Now IIS server has the certificate and you are ready to assign it to a website.

Go to IIS home screen and expand the server name.

Then expand websites and right-click on the website on which you need to activate SSL.

Then click on “Edit Bindings…”. You will have the following screen.
Note: Here bindings with the bare domain as well as with www are already added. I recommend you to add HTTP bindings also so the server will not through error if the user tries to access site with http.

iis install ssl - site bindings

Then click on “Add…” Button. A new dialog will open as shown in the picture.

install ssl in iis - add https binding

In the “Add Site Binding” dialog, select Type to https.

The port will be automatically switched to 443.

Then In the “Host Name” enter your domain name for which you have obtained the certificate.

Note: Here I am using hostnames to bind websites so all websites are running on port 80. Add one more site binding with the same settings with to access your website with www as well.

Next in the “SSL certificate” dropdown, select the certificate which you have recently added.

Click OK.

Now your website will be able to load with https also. To access with https only, follow my next post for redirecting websites with https and handle www.

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