Google search tips and commands you must know

google search tips and commands

Everyone has friends in life and Google is from one of them. Do you really get relevant results from google whatever you searched for? The answer is not yes always. Many times we find results that are not relevant to our search. So how we can search on google in a way that Google shows only relevant results? Follow this post for google search tips and commands for searching like a pro.

Google search tips and commands

By using google search tips and commands, google narrows down the results according to the operator or command used. These operators are very useful when you are searching for a long time but could not find the relevant result. Sometimes we are searching for a specific file type or somtimes in url part these operators are usefult to get the most relevant results.

Double quotes

Generally, Google does not show the result of the exact query phrase. If you want to search for the exact phrase in google then put your query in double-quotes. It will tell google that must include the query exact written in double-quotes. The double-quotes can be used in the middle of the search query also according to the need. The double quotes can also be used in the queries with the following operators like intitle, inurl and etc.

"Your search query"


If you are searching for blogs and want to show the results with the match in title of the blog.

inposttitle:your search query or inposttitle:"your search query"


The operator Intitle is useful when you are looking for only in the title of web pages. Intitle will return the pages which have the search query in the title of the page.

intitle:your search query or intitle:"your search query"


Use inurl when you want to search in a URL part only. for e.g. if you want to search for a page having your query in the URL of the page only.

inurl:your-search-query or inurl:someurlpart regular search query


To search for the text in anchor text only. This will return the links having your query in an anchor link like <a href="">some text to search</a>. The inanchor operator will look in the anchor texts only.

inanchor:search query or inanchor:"search query"


For searching a specific website use this operator. It is also useful when you want to get all the pages of a specific website. for all the pages and your search query for filter pages of that site according to the query.


This is the most useful operator when we want to search for a specific file type like pdf. Just try once and it will blow your mind. You will get your file in a single click.

filetype:pdf your search query


To search similar websites from your query.


Looking for a page but it’s temporary down? You can view the cached page from google with the cache command. Aso can view the old pages if it’s updated.


Here is an example of a search in google to narrow down the most relevant results from a specific website and having the pdf file related to the query.

filetype:pdf presentation on blockchain

Other commands

There are many other Google search tips and commands available. Here are some for inline results in google.

define – use for getting definitions – define flower
stocks – If you are searching for stock – stocks google
to – to convert from one to another unit – 1km to cm
in – for conversion also – 100 USD in INR
weather – for weather information – weather 400001
map – returns map results – map india

General search symbols

|Simple OR operator. will return either the first term or second | linux
@Search results that match a particular social media site.some topic @twitter
#Results that include the mentioned hashtag.#ahashtag
..To specify a range.Shoes $200..$500
()To control the logic by grouping queries.(best | worst) office games
$To tell google that the number is a price.mac $1000
Basis Google search symbols

Thanks for knowing Google search tips and commands. Also, read Http vs Https.

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