Are you anonymous in the private window?

are you anonymous using private browsing

Most people think that they are completely anonymous while browsing with the powerful feature of browsers which is Private Browsing. Are you really anonymous in the private window? Let’s understand how the “private browsing feature” of most browsers work.

What is private browsing

Private browsing is a feature of a browser which allows us to browse websites without leaving any traces. The most common traces are like browsing history, cookies etc. So whenever you start a new private browsing window or incognito window, browser take care of that the history or cookies will not be saved when the session is closed or the private window is closed.

Are you anonymous in the private window?

The answer to this question is no and only no. You are not anonymous on the internet while using the private session on the browser. Let’s understand why? The browser only keeps you safe from the saving history on the local system not from the ISP you are using. So your internet service provider will still have your browsing history. You are also not hiding from your organization if you are using your office computer.
Your organization is also able to see the records related to your browsing history and the sites you have visited. Then you are only safe if anyone accesses your computer’s browsing history of the web browser. The history and cookies of the websites you browse privately will not be stored on the local computer or mobile phone you are using.

To see what firefox says about its private browsing go here.
I hope now you are able to understand that “are you anonymous in the private window or not”.

Alternatively you can use a VPN for being anonymous on the internet. Please make sure your country allows VPN access in your country. VPN approximately hides you from your internet service provider or the organization where you work not completely some times. But the VPN itself will be able to find who actually you are.
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