Microsoft copied package manager idea from rival AppGet, claims developer

microsoft copied its package manager idea

Microsoft announced its new package manager which is better than the windows store. They named it winget. There is already a package manager AppGet. It is developed by Keivan Beigi. The developer claims that Microsoft copied its package manager idea from appget. And it is heavily inspired by AppGet, in a medium post.

What is AppGet

AppGet is an open-source package manager for Windows. It focuses on automation, security, and ease of use for managing packages on Windows OS.

The story

According to the developer of the AppGet, he says the story was begun 12 months ago. When he got a mail from a high-level manager from Microsoft asked him for a meeting regarding the development of AppGet and to make life easier for him to develop AppGet.

They met, the developer asked for Azure credit, some doc on how the new MSIX packages work, and if they could fix a few issues of some of their download links.

Then in another conversation, the developer says they offered him to work at Microsoft for building AppGet. But the developer was a bit hesitant because he didn’t want to work on other stuff than AppGet at Microsoft. After that they have a full day meeting at Microsoft HQ regarding the hiring process.

And then he says he didn’t hear anything from Microsoft about 6 months. And finally got a mail from Microsoft the day before they announced winget.

“The announcement was especially bad given how little credit was given to AppGet compared to other projects,” says Beigi. He’s looking for recognition from Microsoft more than anything. “I think some attribution/credit would be fair. But I don’t think it really matters what I’d like to happen,” says Beigi. He has been blown away by the response to his blog post.

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