How did duck hunt work with gun

how did duck hunt work


No doubt duck hunt was the most beautiful game for the most of 90’s kids on the video game. Nintendo released the Duck hunt in 1984. In that game we pointed out that shooting guns on the duck and used to kill them. Did you ever think how did that shooting gun for duck hunt work? Today I was thinking of it and just found out.

How did duck hunt work

Well, as the Today I Found Out YouTube channel explains the NES Zapper gun. It was a very simple device. It was made of nothing but a button and a light sensor.

Here is what happens. Whenever you pull the trigger of the zapper gun, the screen of the TV becomes completely black in the first frame. Then the gun’s light sensor uses that frame as a reference point. And then in the next frame only the area where the duck is present becomes white. So if you pointed the gun’s light sensor at the perfect location where the duck is present. Then the sensor will receive the white light from the TV screen. And it is considered as a correct shot and yeah you killed a duck.

If there are two ducks then the system uses three frames. The first is completely black and the second is black with one white area for the first duck. And the third frame is for black with one another white area for the second duck.

See below the video explaining it.

That was such an amazing game at that time but don’t know why did not they improved the game later. I personally played that game too much and enjoyed it. Thanks to the developers for developing such games.

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