Dtube as an alternative to youtube, how it works

dtube as an alternative to youtube

Dtube is a platform like youtube where users can post videos and viewers can view it. Dtube is gaining popularity day by day because it is decentralized. How do you see Dtube as an alternative to youtube? In this post, I will try to explain the Dtube platform and differentiate it from youtube.

What is Dtube

Dtube is a decentralized tube basically a platform like youtube running on blockchain technology. On Dtube users can create channels, upload videos, view, upvote, and downvote the videos as they do on Youtube.

Dtube as an alternative to youtube

Well, youtube is a centralized platform where all the data is stored and controlled by youtube itself. All the videos are stored on the youtube servers and youtube has full control on it that what should be on the youtube and what should not be.
On the other hand, Dtube is decentralized where the data is not stored on a central server. The data on Dtube is stored based on blockchain technology like bitcoin so it follows all the rules of the blockchain, like security, decentralization, and record keeping.

The videos on Dtube are not actually uploaded into blockchain but the link to the video is stored in the blockchain. The actual data of the video is stored using IPFS ( a story for another time). It is another technology that uses DHT ( Distributed Hash Table) to store data in a distributed network using asymmetric cryptography. Follow the Wikipedia link to understand more about DHT.

How users earn on dtube

Youtube users earn based on the views of their videos using the advertisements. But in Dtube there are no advertisements. Users on Dtube earn money if their videos are upvoted and depending on the reputation of the users who upvoted. If a user has more reputation on Dtube then his/her upvote will let you make more money. Dtube gives users money in DTC ( Dtube coin) form which is similar to a cryptocurrency. These coins can be exchanged later in real money by selling it in the open market.

On Dtube not only the content creators make money. Everyone who is participating actively like commenting, watching, giving thumbs up, thumbs down can make money.

Pros and Cons

On youtube, users earn until they get traffic to their videos.
On Dtube you will not get money after 7 days of uploading the video.

Youtube has size limit of files if your account is not approved for larger files sizes but there is no limit of file size on dtube.

With youtube, you have full access to your video so that anytime you can remove your video.
With Dtube a video can not be removed after uploading but there are some tricks to re-upload to the same video with another one.

For Youtube, your video must meet the monetization policies but on Dtube there is no policy like that. On Dtube, there is no censorship to the content, but the users themselves can do censorship by upvoting and downvoting.

For Dtube, if you forgot your key to the account then there is no way to regain (one-time recovery is possible now ) access to that account again.

The money you earned on Dtube can vary according to the current cryptocurrency market conditions until you convert it to real money.

Thanks for reading “Dtube as an alternative to youtube” there are many more points that I could cover but to keep things simple it is just a basic overview of the platform. Go to the Homepage.

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