Install SSL in WordPress on Google Cloud apache2

install ssl in wordpress on google cloud VM

If you want to improve your search results in google then SSL is very important. SSL is also becoming important when you care about of the security of the data transmission between your server and user’s browser. In this tutorial, I will explain how we can install SSL in WordPress on Google Cloud. As of now, Google Cloud VM Uses apache2 server on budget-friendly instances. This is also applicable if you are running your WordPress on other then Google Cloud. This tutorial is for how to install SSL in wordpress…

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Deploy additional WordPress on Google Cloud with SSL

deploy additional wordpress on google cloud

Have you started your WordPress website with one click deployment using google cloud? And now want to host another WordPress on the same VM? If yes then this tutorial is a great fit for you. See how we can deploy additional WordPress on Google Cloud with an SSL certificate.This tutorial will explain the shortest way to add an extra WordPress on the VM. Disclaimer: For following this post intermediate level of knowledge is required of Linux and Google Cloud. Please take a backup of existing WordPress before going further. Also,…

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