Install SSL in WordPress on Google Cloud apache2

install ssl in wordpress on google cloud VM

If you want to improve your search results in google then SSL is very important. SSL is also becoming important when you care about of the security of the data transmission between your server and user’s browser. In this tutorial, I will explain how we can install SSL in WordPress on Google Cloud. As of now, Google Cloud VM Uses apache2 server on budget-friendly instances. This is also applicable if you are running your WordPress on other then Google Cloud. This tutorial is for how to install SSL in wordpress…

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Deploy additional WordPress on Google Cloud with SSL

deploy additional wordpress on google cloud

Have you started your WordPress website with one click deployment using google cloud? And now want to host another WordPress on the same VM? If yes then this tutorial is a great fit for you. See how we can deploy additional WordPress on Google Cloud with an SSL certificate.This tutorial will explain the shortest way to add an extra WordPress on the VM. Disclaimer: For following this post intermediate level of knowledge is required of Linux and Google Cloud. Please take a backup of existing WordPress before going further. Also,…

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Install URL Rewrite in IIS

Install URL Rewrite in IIS

URL Rewrite is an additional component in IIS which is not by default installed. Install URL Rewrite in IIS to rewrite URLs for websites hosted on IIS platform. URL Rewrite is responsible for rewriting URLs to make them user friendly as well as SEO friendly. URL Rewrite can manage many things like redirecting URLs e.g. http to https redirection, www to non-www redirection etc. Download URL Rewrite To download URL Rewrite go to the official website of the Microsoft and download the extension. Go to the this link – URL…

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IIS https and non www redirect with url rewrite


Have you just added the SSL to the IIS website? If yes then Learn how to redirect permanently to https and non-www website. So let’s start this tutorial – IIS Https and non www redirect with URL rewrite. Introduction URL Rewrite is an additional module in IIS for rewriting URLs of the website hosted in IIS. We can do a lot more with URL Rewrite but in this tutorial we will only focus on the rules for redirecting our website from HTTP to https and from www to non www.…

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How to install SSL in IIS using pfx certificate

convert ssl certificate

IIS is a web server runs on Microsoft Windows or windows server. In this post I will explain hot to install SSL in IIS using the “pfx” certificate on the windows server. To obtain free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt follow – Generate Free SSL Certificate. If you have certificate in .crt format then convert it to pfx by following – Convert .crt certificate to pfx for IIS to use it with IIS using SSLShopper. Install SSL in IIS using pfx certificate First of all we need to add the…

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Convert .crt certificate to use with IIS

convert .crt certificates to pfx for iis

In this post, I have explained how to Convert .crt certificate to use with IIS. Just browse the existing .cer certificates, in one click you will get .pfx certificate to use with IIS, with the help of SSL shopper. To install the SSL certificate of “Let’s encrypt” in IIS, first we need to convert multiple .crt files into a single certificate.pfx file. This post will explain the easiest way to convert .crt certificate to use with IIS using a third-party tool. PFX is an archive file that contains several cryptographic…

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Generate a free SSL Certificate from let’s encrypt

free ssl certificate

Certificate authorities ( CA ) provide SSL certificates for domains to communicate securely from browser to server so no Man in Middle attacks can happen. These certificates are signed by CAs and browsers trust upon them. In this post we will learn about how to generate a free SSL certificate from let’s encrypt. While we can generate our own certificate but the browsers will not trust them and will show insecure connection warnings to the users. In this tutorial I will explain how we can generate a free valid and…

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How to host multiple websites on the same port 80 on IIS

iis multiple sites on same port

Introduction IIS is a web server developed by Microsoft for hosting various web applications. IIS runs on the windows server. It is a great tool for hosting .Net websites on windows platform. In this tutorial I will explain how we can run multiple websites on this server on the same port without having any problems. In this post I will explain how to host multiple websites on the same port 80 on IIS. Please note this will only work when you have a valid hostname for each website.This post is…

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How to update original device drivers on windows os

windows device drivers

Device drivers are very essential software that keeps hardware functioning properly. In windows 10 we can update drivers from the original supplier of the hardware or from Microsoft. Unauthentic updates may lead to system crash and malware installation unknowingly.There are two ways of updating drivers either by windows itself or by using third-party software. There are many third-party software available for doing that but in real life, verifying the authenticity of such software is not an easy task. So updating software from the windows itself is a very good idea.…

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Improve performance of django and flask on IIS

improve performance of flask

Introduction If you have followed my previous post for hosting a Django or flask app on IIS then this post is for some additional settings to improve the performance of our app in IIS. I recommend following that post to see how we can host a Django or flask application on IIS. To read more about Django go to official page of Django Project. Django runs under FastCGI in IIS. With the following processes. w3wp.exe – It is the IIS worker process for the application pool. python.exe – The main…

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