Why Windows ask to restart so often

why windows ask to restart

Every windows user seems to have experiences with Windows that asks to restart so often. Either when installing and uninstalling software or drivers. Have you ever think why does Windows work like this way? If yes then here all that you need to know why does Windows ask to restart and why. Why does Windows ask to restart Well in windows, the system locks the files that are currently in use and so it does not allow to modify that files. For example, you need to update a device driver…

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Microsoft copied package manager idea from rival AppGet, claims developer

microsoft copied its package manager idea

Microsoft announced its new package manager which is better than the windows store. They named it winget. There is already a package manager AppGet. It is developed by Keivan Beigi. The developer claims that Microsoft copied its package manager idea from appget. And it is heavily inspired by AppGet, in a medium post. What is AppGet AppGet is an open-source package manager for Windows. It focuses on automation, security, and ease of use for managing packages on Windows OS. The story According to the developer of the AppGet, he says…

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Dtube as an alternative to youtube, how it works

dtube as an alternative to youtube

Dtube is a platform like youtube where users can post videos and viewers can view it. Dtube is gaining popularity day by day because it is decentralized. How do you see Dtube as an alternative to youtube? In this post, I will try to explain the Dtube platform and differentiate it from youtube. What is Dtube Dtube is a decentralized tube basically a platform like youtube running on blockchain technology. On Dtube users can create channels, upload videos, view, upvote, and downvote the videos as they do on Youtube. Dtube…

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How did duck hunt work with gun

how did duck hunt work

Introduction No doubt duck hunt was the most beautiful game for the most of 90’s kids on the video game. Nintendo released the Duck hunt in 1984. In that game we pointed out that shooting guns on the duck and used to kill them. Did you ever think how did that shooting gun for duck hunt work? Today I was thinking of it and just found out. How did duck hunt work Well, as the Today I Found Out YouTube channel explains the NES Zapper gun. It was a very…

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Are you anonymous in the private window?

are you anonymous using private browsing

Most people think that they are completely anonymous while browsing with the powerful feature of browsers which is Private Browsing. Are you really anonymous in the private window? Let’s understand how the “private browsing feature” of most browsers work. What is private browsing Private browsing is a feature of a browser which allows us to browse websites without leaving any traces. The most common traces are like browsing history, cookies etc. So whenever you start a new private browsing window or incognito window, browser take care of that the history…

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iPhone Edison mail had security bug, allowed users to access other’s emails. Rolled back the update.


Email by Edison is the disentangled, adjustable inbox experience that permits you to oversee boundless email accounts in a consistent manner! Get messages quicker, square spam, and never observe a promotion stopping up your inbox again. Edison mail bug. The Edison Mail permits you to sign in various mail accounts like Office 365, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, MS Exchange, IMAP, Alto, Gmail, iCloud, Verizon and all the more across the board application. https://twitter.com/Edison_apps/status/1261696362808086528 Edison mail propelled another component that permitted clients of the outsider email application to synchronize…

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Why you should not fill forms on non-https websites

how https works

What is HTTP Http stands for hypertext transfer protocol which means it can transfer the text from one to another computer using a network. As we know HTTP transfers the text without any encryption. To know why you should not fill forms on non-https websites, then first you should know how https works. With Http, the network owner or interceptor can easily monitor the traffic packets and see the information behind it.Whenever you submit any form on a website that does not use https then the browser sends the data…

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