Create your own file encrypter in python

file encryption in python

In the 21st Century, data security is the main concern for everyone for keeping their files safe so that no one can see even if there is a data leak from your computer. In this post I will explain how you can create your own file encrypter in python with in 5 minutes. Are you using a third party or free software for securing your data on your computer? If yes then you will be shocked to know that most of the software only restricts the permissions on the folders.…

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MIUI12 India rollout schedule with device list

miui12 india rollout schedule

MIUI has announced it’s most awaited ROM MIUI 12. According to the company it claims that the new MIUI 12 has lots of changes as well as performance and security enhancements. The company has also claimed that the new and latest MIUI 12 ROM will serve beautiful UI/UX on Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones. It will be available from June ending and the company will release it in a few batches. Most of the users are waiting for the MIUI 12 in India. Let’s know when will you get your MIUI…

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Install SSL in WordPress on Google Cloud apache2

install ssl in wordpress on google cloud VM

If you want to improve your search results in google then SSL is very important. SSL is also becoming important when you care about of the security of the data transmission between your server and user’s browser. In this tutorial, I will explain how we can install SSL in WordPress on Google Cloud. As of now, Google Cloud VM Uses apache2 server on budget-friendly instances. This is also applicable if you are running your WordPress on other then Google Cloud. This tutorial is for how to install SSL in wordpress…

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Deploy additional WordPress on Google Cloud with SSL

deploy additional wordpress on google cloud

Have you started your WordPress website with one click deployment using google cloud? And now want to host another WordPress on the same VM? If yes then this tutorial is a great fit for you. See how we can deploy additional WordPress on Google Cloud with an SSL certificate.This tutorial will explain the shortest way to add an extra WordPress on the VM. Disclaimer: For following this post intermediate level of knowledge is required of Linux and Google Cloud. Please take a backup of existing WordPress before going further. Also,…

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Google search tips and commands you must know

google search tips and commands

Everyone has friends in life and Google is from one of them. Do you really get relevant results from google whatever you searched for? The answer is not yes always. Many times we find results that are not relevant to our search. So how we can search on google in a way that Google shows only relevant results? Follow this post for google search tips and commands for searching like a pro. Google search tips and commands By using google search tips and commands, google narrows down the results according…

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Why Windows ask to restart so often

why windows ask to restart

Every windows user seems to have experiences with Windows that asks to restart so often. Either when installing and uninstalling software or drivers. Have you ever think why does Windows work like this way? If yes then here all that you need to know why does Windows ask to restart and why. Why does Windows ask to restart Well in windows, the system locks the files that are currently in use and so it does not allow to modify that files. For example, you need to update a device driver…

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Microsoft copied package manager idea from rival AppGet, claims developer

microsoft copied its package manager idea

Microsoft announced its new package manager which is better than the windows store. They named it winget. There is already a package manager AppGet. It is developed by Keivan Beigi. The developer claims that Microsoft copied its package manager idea from appget. And it is heavily inspired by AppGet, in a medium post. What is AppGet AppGet is an open-source package manager for Windows. It focuses on automation, security, and ease of use for managing packages on Windows OS. The story According to the developer of the AppGet, he says…

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