How to install IIS on windows 10

install iis

IIS is a web server runs on windows platform used for hosting websites that use the .NET framework. It is also capable of hosting CGI applications e.g. Django with FastCGI. Learn how to install IIS on Windows 10 here. To install IIS on windows 10 you need to turn it on from Windows Features on Demand. Windows Features is a feature that allows administrators to add or remove features and roles of windows on demand. These feature packages are either in the system already or windows downloads it on demand…

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How to create and activate python virtual environment in windows

python virtual environment

It is very important for a beginner programmer to learn to create a virtual environment in python and activate it in this tutorial with step by step guide with pictures. Python is an interpreted language and there are lots of libraries and modules are available for python. They have different versions. In real-world projects we often use these modules within our programs. When we have multiple projects using the same module but with different versions, then we really need to manage it via a virtual environment.Because we can only install…

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How to install Python in Windows OS


Python is a high level, structured and object-oriented, interpreted programming language used for creating mainly desktop and web applications. The code in python is managed by modules and packages. Programming with Python is very easy. Let’s start to learn how to install Python in windows os. Install Python in windows OS with the executable installer First Step – Just download executable installer from of your desired version. Second Step – Open or execute the installer. Then Step 3 – If you just want to use python for the current…

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Remotely enable remote desktop services on windows

enable remote desktop

In this post I will explain how we can enable Microsoft remote desktop on a Windows computer remotely without having physical access to that computer. Before I start, I want to introduce a powerful tool PS Tools of Microsoft created by Sysinternals. By using these tools we can remotely execute commands and processes on a remote computer.We can do it in LAN as well as on the internet also. For downloading and then how to use this tool. First have a look at this post. Executing commands on Remote Computer.…

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Execute commands on remote computer running windows os

execute commands on remote computer

PS Tools are very powerful tools from SysInternals and very useful when we don’t have physical access to a server or computer. “Psexec” uses TCP port 445 with SMB ( Server Message Block ) protocol. The benefit of using this tool is that the port is by default open in windows so we don’t need to access that machine physically to open port in firewall. It’s very useful to execute commands on remote computer. To download PS Tools follow this link :- PS Tools After downloading extract the files, open…

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